New Thrones is a company that provides competitive chess instruction to elementary and middle school students with the primary focus of improving their cognitive skills, which enhances their academic performance, produces positive behavior, and establish quality decision-making in life.

“A by-product is the hope that they become life-long players with a love of the game.”

Parent Testimonial

“Words can’t express how much of a positive impact Mr. Nash has bestowed upon my son Brandon. For the last couple of years, Brandon’s love for chess has grown tremendously. His life revolves around it. No matter where we are he is continuously challenging everyone to play him in a game of chess, regardless of the age he is confident in his ability to win! Mr. Nash is such a positive role model to my son and I don’t think he realizes how important his role is in most of the kids life he touches, especially the ones like my son who lacks that “male figure” to keep them lifted and empowered while teaching them the game of chess!”

Ms. Smith

Chess Parent

Teacher Testimonial

As one of his colleagues and supervisor for the past three years, Mr. Alexander has made a positive impact as the Chess coach at four of our high risk elementary schools. Through Chess, Mr. Alexander has given students a hopeful optimism for a brighter future. The Chess clubs either meet or exceed room capacity with over 30-60 interested Chess master prospects.  He has a unique ability to help students engage in critical thinking skills, and influenced many students who were not performing well academically to study harder and remain focused.

Many of our students participate in Saturday Chess Tournaments at the elementary level around the city of Atlanta. Their excitement is contagious! As they matriculate to the middle school level, they continue to play and successfully place as winners, which has forged the linkage from schools to parents.

New Thrones has benefitted our students in multiple areas through chess instruction. I highly recommend for parents to enroll their child into this exceptional chess program!”

Dr. Starr

Guidance Counselor, Atlanta Public Schools